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House Clearing

Sometimes strange things happen in houses, apartments, commercial spaces which tenants notice that may be beyond coincidence.  People may feel that their space may need to be cleansed of past occurrences like a death or suicide or other possibly tragic events in a particular space. They may feel the negative effects of these influences in a variety of ways from feeling uncomfortable or depressed to actually experiencing illness or other forms of distress.

Or, people who may move into new spaces may just want their new space to be cleansed from any known or unknown past influences or activities.

House clearing may be used as a technique where the shaman journeys to the given address remotely or in person, assesses if there are confused spirits or disturbances lingering in the space, and performs psychopomp shamanic methods to lead these lingering, often unharmful spirits out of the physical space and back to the spirit world where they are wanting to return to.


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