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Harner Shamanic Counseling™

This is a five session, one-on-one training.

Harner Shamanic Counseling is a copyrighted system based upon classic shamanism techniques created by Michael Harner through years of his own practice of shamanic counseling. Practices used in Harner Shamanic Counseling include: teaching clients to journey to non-ordinary reality; teaching divination techniques;  realizing one’s own personal spiritual power; and the discovery of one’s ability to obtain extraordinary, very practical, spiritual wisdom and answers to important personal questions.​ A client uses this method to gain answers and receive help to specific questions such as:

Career and work issues: actualizing purpose and meaning
Physical illness
Relationship trauma
Difficult Emotional issues

HSC is not intended to replace psychotherapy, clinical therapy or a related field but to be used as an alternative healing, spiritual practice.


My Private Shamanic Healing and Counseling Sessions

Nikki Sherwood
(805) 687-7328